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For as long as I can remember I have been trying to grow my hair in some sort of way. Either simply wanting my hair to be longer, growing out a fringe I had instantly regretted, or just recovering what I could from the 7 years of bleaching my naturally level 3 dark brown hair… 

I would spend HOURS googling ways to make your hair grow faster. From multivitamins to head massaging techniques, plus lots of Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products - I’ve done it all. 

Now I’m not going to say I have stopped completely, I definitely have still been taking Hairburst chewable multivitamins (I bought 6 months worth at the start of lockdown as they were on sale at Superdrug sue me) and I still have a tub of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment sitting in my bathroom. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. We all want a thick mane. 

My addiction, dedication, burning desire for long hair eventually lead me to having nano ring hair extensions - from my research these were the least damaging, as long as you go to a reputable stylist. I ended up having 3 different sets for just over 2 years (the hair extensions can last a year if looked after REALLY well but I heat styled mine quite a lot and nothing beats the feeling of a fresh set of hair). 

By the time I took them out for the final time my natural hair had grown so much I didn’t recognise myself, but of course it still wasn’t long enough for me. 

I hung on to the length for about a year, until recent. I decided to do the thing I had dreadest most for my whole adult life - the BIG chop. The people close to me questioned my decision, they thought I would regret it as I had been so OBSESSED with growing my hair longer but I had made my mind up. 

Let me tell you, it was the most liberating thing I’ve done to my hair. 2020 has thrown a lot of obstacles in my way, in *EVERYONES* way, and I guess my perception of what was important in my life had changed. Instead of wanting the long blonde mane I have been lusting after for years, I simply wanted it to be thick and healthy no matter the length. 

So I dyed my hair as close to my natural colour, and chopped alllllllllll the wispy, ratty, split end, damage OFF. 

I had genuinely forgotten how thick my hair was after the years of bleaching damage. I couldn’t stop touching it for at least a week after it had been chopped off. 

The moral of the story, chop that mop :)

Emma x

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